Shower Steamer 12 pc Variety Set

Shower Steamer 12 pc Variety Set

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Our 12 pc Shower Steamer Gift Set includes 1 of each of the following 3 oz square steamers:

Breathe Again - Eucalyptus & Mint Crystals

Citrus Mint- (Lemongrass & Spearmint)

Wooosahhh!!! - Lavender

Eucalyptus -

Rose Geranium-

Lavender Mint - (Lavender & Peppermint)

Spa Day- sparkling sea air and ozone fused with nuances of muguet, lilac, spicy saffron, fennel, moss, and sandalwood

Lavender & Lemongrass

Vapor- (Mint Crystals)

Lavender Vanilla


Lemongrass & Sage